Malte Weber

I´m a Designer from Berlin. I studied Human Computer Interaction and work at the Intersection of Computer Science, Design, Psychology, Critical Theory, Politics, Culture, Social Work, Arts, Fashion, Ecology, Education, Healthcare, Decentralization, Philosophy and Rocket Science GET IN CONTACT

Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.

Donald Norman


Since my youth I have had different blogs from time to time. Der Groschen is the mid-twenties version of it. It is updated monthly and consists of links to different sites that have inspired me in a month. Originally I created the site to improve my web design skills. This is the reason why the look of the blog changes every month. Der Groschen is a playground to test myself.


For my bachelor thesis I worked together with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The goal was to convey the content of a group therapy via a smartphone application. The application was designed with the METUX model (a process model from the field of positive computing) and later transferred into a prototype. To verify the usability and user experience of the prototype, the concept was validated with the UEQ.